Engineering Consistency Project

Investigating Inconsistencies in Engineering.

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"The time has come in many fields to take stock. There is continuous production of analytical tools, continuous accumulation of data from tests, continuous construction of bigger and supposedly better machines and structures. But we need now to take stock of what we know, what we do not know, what we need to know and why… it is wrong to continue indefinitely to add, add, add to the tools of knowledge, without combination or elimination.” - Hardy Cross (1952)

Standardization and its abuse – intelligent standards versus standardized intelligence


Implement engineering hypotheses using a base set of objects in Python code and then compare the hypotheses against experimental databases, and against each other, to highlight where theories differ or struggle to explain experimental data

Contribute to the project

Experimental research

Upload your results to an online database that allows access via API, organising your files according to the naming conventions

Theoretical research

Upload your hypotheses to an online server that allows access via API, your hypothesis should take standard engineering objects (see naming conventions) as inputs and output the prediction of your hypothesis.

Numerical research

Contribute to the open-sourced python packages at GitHub.

New opensource projects

Add the consistency project badge to your opensource project.