Naming conventions

Geometry naming

Soil Profiles

Positions in soil profiles


Positions in buildings


How to resolve conflicts in positions

Sensor type names

  • ACC = Acceleration
  • DISP = Displacement
  • PPT = pore pressure transducer
  • STRS = Shear strain
  • STRV = Volumetric strain
  • TAU = Shear stress
  • SIG = Normal stress
  • MOM – Moment about an axis
  • ROT – rotation about an axis
  • HROT – hinge rotation
  • SHF – Shear force

For directional sensors add the orientation (X, Y, Z) as a suffix (e.g. ACCX = in-plane horizontal acceleration)

Database file names

The file names are saved according to the following convention: <model>-<motion type>-<x code>-<y code>-<z code>-<analysis name>.&file type>

  • Model name: Is the code given to a model, where different models have different physical properties (e.g. different soil density, more bays in the superstructure)
  • Motion type <Parameter><Orientation> (e.g. ACCX = horizontal acceleration)
  • X code: code corresponding to x coordinate
  • Y code: code corresponding to y coordinate
  • Z code: code corresponding to z coordinate
  • Analysis name: Code given to analysis. Used to distinguish between different non-physical simulation parameters (e.g. changing model damping, linear vs nonlinear analysis)
  • file type: file type suffix

Parameter names

Name Units Description

Directly from base package

All names can be found by installing the python package sfsimodels. Then run "python -m sfsimodels.print_all_parameters".